Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My life in Canada (November 2008)...Beautiful Sunsets

Beautiful Sunsets:

Nothing too much happening over here. Everything is going well with us. The weather has been fairly nice the last few days and this time of the year we get to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets right from our living room window. The sun sets right in from of our window and when there are some clouds around we usually get to see something pretty beautiful. If I don't have much time to go out and take some photos, I always look out to see what kind of sunset we have. Now and then I get really lucky and I am able to enjoy a wonderful display of colours and light from our living room. I took a few photos of one of the beautiful sunsets a couple of days ago and you can see them below here. For the rest we didn't do all too much, both of us had to work. I was off on Sunday and on that day we went to some sort of collectible (flea market) show in Vancouver which is always fun to go to. Sometimes you can come across some interesting things. We didn't do much more on Sunday as Michael went back on the roof to do a little more patching and hopefully it will stay dry now.

Some photos of the sunset seen from our living room window

On Monday I had the day off too and it was time to meet up with Ineke again as it had been about a month. We met around lunch time and had lunch together at IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) which was really yummy! They have all kinds of choices in pancakes, crepes, burgers, eggs and much more. I had the Chicken Florentine crepes. You get 2 crepes filled with small pieces of grilled chicken breast, spinach, mushrooms and some cheese. The crepes are drizzled with some Hollandaise sauce. Mmmmm, this was really delicious and that for about $10 CAD which is a pretty good price. After catching up on the latest news and chatting for a while we went to the mall to buy some little things. Ineke still wanted to buy a few Christmas decorations and was looking for some presents for here friends in Florida which she is going to visit next week sometime. We had a wonderful time and did some fun shopping. It was good to see her again and I am sure we'll meet up again soon.

In other news there is another Dutch girlfriend coming over to Vancouver in the middle of December. Her name is Angela and I have known her for a few years via e-mail and chat. She used to live in Halifax (Nova Scotia) on the eastern coast of Canada. She is a permanent resident of Canada but due to some circumstances she had to go back to the Netherlands. She lived in Scotland for about a year and is planning to move back to Canada for good now. So, let's hope it will work out for her and I really look forward in finally meeting her in person!

Stay tuned for my next post!

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