Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and Welcome to my blog,
I am creating this blog mainly for my family and friends to follow my life in Canada as I moved here from Belgium in the year 2000. Most people that know me, know my story. For those who don’t know my story yet, I will try and try and tell you my story up until now and then the rest of the blog will be kept up on a regular basis for the future. The next 2 posts will be a synopses year by year of my life up until now. Let me start with a short introduction first:
My name is Ann, I was born in Belgium (in Genk, Limburg to be specific and always lived in the small town of Niel-bij-As). I grew up in Belgium, studied to be a nurse and spend my life there until I met the most wonderful man. I found this wonderful man, Michael, who is a Canadian on the internet. He was the reason for my move to Canada in April 2000. You can read more about that and how my life has been since then in my next posts.
Enjoy and thanks for dropping by!

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